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AuthorAuthor: F3lix | DateDate: 22-03-2017, 20:51

phpSound v1.3.3 


phpSound v1.3.3 - Music Sharing Platform
phpSound is a Social Music Sharing Platform similar with SoundCloud, that allows users to upload their music online and share them with the world.

AuthorAuthor: F3lix | DateDate: 18-03-2017, 21:41

Droppy v1.4.0


Droppy v1.4.0 - Online file sharing
Droppy is an online file sharing platform that can be used to share multiple files among friends, family and colleagues. The files can be sent by email or an url that can be shared with everyone you would like to.

AuthorAuthor: F3lix | DateDate: 18-03-2017, 21:36

Sitemakin and Cloner v6


Sitemakin and Cloner v6 - Fast CMS and Cloner

Two tools in one; a simple to use CMS and a site cloner that can clone most websites out there. Lightning fast CMS that can use any HTML template as its theme. With two clicks of the mouse, you have an editable page. No programming knowledge required! Alongside the CMS, we have included two cloning tools. One is built to clone the working site into HTML files and the required folders that contain css, images and js. The other tool can be used to clone almost any website on the web and give you a compete set of working files.

AuthorAuthor: F3lix | DateDate: 18-03-2017, 21:32

News365 v1.5


News365 v1.5 – PHP Newspaper Script Magazine Blog with Video Newspaper
News365 – is a most popular newspaper script and most powerful php application which is designed and developed by Codeigniter. It is one of the unique idea on news world. Every News agency and News portal owner can use this application. User do not need to know single line of coding. All in one all News and magazine features are included inside of this application.

AuthorAuthor: F3lix | DateDate: 18-03-2017, 21:27

User Management System v3.0


User Management System v3.0

The User Management System can control unauthorized access in your project. Highly secured access control that created using CodeIgniter Framework. Multi-level user access, user communication by internal message system and fully customized. All registered users are viewed in report page that creating pagination automatically.

AuthorAuthor: F3lix | DateDate: 18-03-2017, 21:23

Bootstrap Social Network


Bootstrap Social Network

Are you looking for a reliable social networking script? Did you find what you were looking for! We present to Your attention a new script, with which You can create on your website a social network. This script is perfect to create a large Dating site, or a small community. During the creation of the script we’ve thought of: Beautiful and easy interface, Fast structure, A protection system against external attacks, Responsive design for all devices.

AuthorAuthor: F3lix | DateDate: 18-03-2017, 21:19

FileGator v4.2.9


FileGator v4.2.9

Advanced Multi-User PHP File Manager & AJAX Uploader Upload, edit, manage, zip and share files and folders. Multiple user accounts with private folders and permissions.

AuthorAuthor: F3lix | DateDate: 18-03-2017, 21:10

LivelyCart 2 - a Quick and Simple javascript PHP Shopping Cart


LivelyCart 2 - a Quick and Simple javascript PHP Shopping Cart
LivelyCart 2 – a Quick and Simple javascript PHP Shopping Cart Its uses some of the best available resources like Laravel 5.2, AngularJS 1.5, Bootstrap etc This is our major release after LivelyCart 1, It comes with lot of requested features and functionalities from Multilevel categories to Addon Option prices & lot more like this.

AuthorAuthor: F3lix | DateDate: 12-03-2017, 16:43

PHP Web List Script


CodeCanyon - PHP Web List Script v1.6

PHP Weblist Script Allows you to create both images and video based lists user can add description and links in slides. Users can signup and create their own profile and publish Lists in any category. It Includes Ads Revenue Sharing Program which lets users place their own ads their lists administrator can set ratio of how many times user ads/admin ads will display.

AuthorAuthor: F3lix | DateDate: 12-03-2017, 16:38

King MEDIA - Video, Image Upload and Share


CodeCanyon - King MEDIA v3.1 - Video, Image Upload and Share

Image Upload & Share From Url, Youtube, Vk, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, Metacafe, DailyMotion Videos and Soundcloud. Comments for Media. Facebook Comments. Responsive Layout. User Profile & Points. Tags or Category System. Super Easy Installation. Full Admin Panel. Moderate Guest Submissions. Social Share Buttons. Search for Media. Seo Url. Much More…

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